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Rapidly Expand ICU Capacity and Protect Providers from Exposure

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Powered by Sickbay _ MIC Healthcare and Intel Team Up to Provide COVID-19 Support

"Our virtual ICU was quickly turned on for our COVID-19 patients so that many of our providers can see the patients via virtual visits and not risk exposure in our ICU rooms."

The Scale to Serve Program will fund rapid deployment of MIC's FDA-cleared Sickbay platform, as part of Intel's PRTI initiative. Intel is funding the implementation fees and MIC is waiving the software subscription license fee for the first 90 days, for the first 100 hospitals that qualify.

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Sickbay in Action

See how Houston Methodist created a flexible, scalable vICU with Sickbay



Save More Lives Today and Create a New Standard of Care Tomorrow

The COVID-19 pandemic surfaced the many deficiencies in healthcare.

  • Patient data is currently tied to the devices at the bedside
  • Bedside devices lock down their data in proprietary formats
  • There is limited to no storage of data from bedside devices

Sickbay is the only software-based platform that will break down the silos, unlock the data, and create a flexible, scalable, interconnected architecture to create a new standard of care.

Become a Part of the Future in Healthcare

The Scale to Serve Program gives you the chance to change the way you practice medicine.

Be ready for the next wave in the pandemic and join other technology leaders to create the future of healthcare.

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