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Sickbay™ is the only scalable FDA-cleared clinical surveillance and analytics platform created for ICUs.

Our Platform

Sickbay collects all patient data from the bedside, transforming it into web-based apps to enable data-driven medicine and patient-centered care.


Powering a new standard of care, Sickbay utilizes software-based monitoring to allow for flexible virtual rounding and patient-specific analytics at scale.

Individual Apps

The Sickbay solution is supporting the critical needs of the COVID-19 pandemic by helping hospitals protect providers from exposure and providing the foundation to rapidly scale any bed into a monitored ICU bed to prepare for the surge.

The solution’s Rapid Deployment Bundle created for COVID-19 combines 5 applications:


Enable virtual rounding in weeks — not months — and extend bed capacity in minutes to transform any bed into a monitored ICU bed.



Visualize monitor and ventilator data outside of the room, integrated in a single view, limiting unnecessary use of PPE.


Patient Hx

Automatically build beat-to-beat trends for an entire length of stay, with integrated vent data, to give providers the data they need to intervene faster.


Risk Score Calculator & Rapid Reports

Leverage unlimited retrospective data to create real-time risk calculators, virtual rounding reports, and patient-specific analytics to help avoid intubation and manage ventilated patients better.


Two of the key benefits the combined solution enables in addition to the above include:

Create flexible, vendor-agnostic vICUs

Combine all applications to create virtual command centers that can monitor up to 100 patients across units, facilities and vendors.


Extend virtual rounding

Give any provider or healthcare worker the ability to monitor patients relevant to their specialty from a conference room, office, home or quarantined area, on any web-enabled device to help manage staff shortages and get more eyes on patients.


Take a look at these apps in action.


It's time to create a new standard of care.

It's time to break down the data silos from proprietary vendor formats.

It's time to move from hardware-based to software-based monitoring.

It's time to unlock patient data from the bedside so more lives can be saved today and create a new standard of care for tomorrow.

We are here to help.